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Asia Leading Smart Ticketing Platform WENEW is set to Launch RWA Token Offering on GreenX Digital Asset Exchange

WENEW is set to join GreenX Digital Asset Exchange

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, April 26, 2024 / -- WENEW is set to join GreenX Digital Asset Exchange to launch its first Token Offering in collaboration with leading RWA listing sponsor First Bullion (F Bullion Group Holdings Inc.). Established in Hong Kong in 2021, WENEW has extensive event planning, marketing and ticketing track records and experience in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia for:

Siam Songkran Music Festival , Web3 Festival Cryptopocket Unthemed Market , Nagomi Pastel Art Workshop and NFT Children Creative Art Award , Smash Da House Concert , FOMO Asia , Wired Music Week (WMW) and many more

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Green-X Consolidate its Digital Asset Exchange Businesses with CryptoSX

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / March 13, 2023 / Greenpro Capital Corp. (NASDAQ:GRNQ) today announced the merger its fully owned GreenX digital exchange with CryptoSX to develop the world largest STO platform going forward.

Green-X is the first Shariah Compliant ESG Digital Asset Exchange licensed by the Malaysia's Labuan Financial Services Authority. CryptoSX is one of earliest digital asset exchange to focus on Security Token Offering and has 10 STO listed since 2019.

Greenpro is a strategic investor of CryptoSX since 2020 and the merger will leverage the Greenpro vast experience on business incubation, investment advisory and successful track records in Nasdaq listing, Green-X expertise on Islamic finance and ESG investing and CryptoSX knowledge on digital compliance, blockchain, tokenization and digital payments.

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Greenpro Provides Details on CryptoSX Exchange and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Businesses

Greenpro has within its portfolio a crypto exchange called CryptoSX. CryptoSX is a Digital Assets Exchange that allows issuers to tokenize and investors to buy and sell digital assets. With Greenpro’s specialties in corporate finance advisory services, Greenpro believes it will be able to strategically develop and generate more business for CryptoSX in Asset Tokenization and Security Token Offerings (STO), especially through Greenpro’s incubation division. Other potential business relating to CryptoSX includes assisting issuers to securitize their assets, such as public company securities, real estate, art, antiques and other valuable assets.

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Global Equity, Cryptocurrency & Whisky Market Update


In the face of the novel coronavirus outbreaks, global equity markets experienced its largest crash since the 2008 financial crisis. During the last week of February 2020, US equities trigger trading curbs on 4 occasions, the impact of which may be greater than the crash of the 2008 financial crisis. Subsequently, governments take initiative, intervening with massive capital injections to kickstart quantitative easing. Panic selling continuesto takeover global equity markets, the largest losses of which are: US (37.5%), UK (34.1%), Hong Kong (29.5%), China (16.9%).

隨著新冠病毒全球擴散,2020年2⽉份最後⼀周,環球股市⼜來⼀次2008年⾦融海嘯,觀 其下跌速度,美股四次觸及熔斷機制,實際的殺傷⼒比當年更深。隨後,各國政府主動 介入,⼤舉注資入⾦融市場啟動量化寬鬆,所有股市略⾒起⾊。各國股市被恐慌性拋 售,最⼤的跌幅為: 美國37.5%, 英國34.1%香港 29.5% 和中國16.9%。

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Ever Wanted to Tokenize Listed Stock? Blockchain Stock (BCS) Connect Shows the Financial World the Way Forward

Remember the heady days of late 2017, when Bitcoin (BTC) made a bull run to $20,000 and set the crypto world on fire? For cryptocurrency investors, anything and everything seemed possible. Then the bubble burst, as hundreds, if not thousands, of cryptocurrency floundered or went out of business, and investors faced a long cryptocurrency winter.

It’s now 2020, and the cryptocurrency markets are more mature. As innovators search for innovative uses for blockchain that can change the world, many market experts are heralding the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution. One of the most exciting and promising business ideas today is Blockchain Stock Connect (BCS Connect), leveraging ERC20 cryptocurrency to tokenize publicly traded stocks.

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Cyber Credit Natural Resources Completed US$3 Million Private Placement Within 48 Hours and Listing on Cryptosx


Cyber Credit Natural Resources (“CCNR”) took 2 days from start sell on 19 May 2020 to complete US$3 Million private placement to professional investors, creating a record for STO fund raising. CCT security token successfully listed on Cryptosx Digital Exchange for secondary trading on Friday 22 May 2020. First. Bullion Holdings Inc. would like to whole heartedly congratulate CCNR and its advisory team on this momentous achievement.

信泰天然资源集团公司(CCNRG) 2020年5⽉19⽇仅需要2天时间完成了对专业投资者 的300万美元私募, 创造了STO筹集资⾦的纪录。 CCT资产代币于2020年5⽉22⽇星期五 成功在Cryptosx数字代币交易所上市,开始⼆级交易。 第⼀⾦融衷⼼祝贺信泰集团及 其顾问团队取得的这⼀重⼤成就。

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Taken together, the findings of this paper outline the potential of STOs to democratizing green finance for both private (retail) investors and SME issuers, resulting in more efficient allocations of capital in developing economies and ultimately accelerating global climate finance. Tokenized securities can address both supply- and demand-side issues: a global investor base can increase the demand for green finance projects, safeguarded through enhanced transparency and auditability. Reduced minimum investment sizes and reduced transaction costs make SMEs bankable, which is particularly relevant for developing countries.

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First Bullion join force with JM Consultancy to accelerate Asset Tokenization Market

First Bullion partner with JM Consultancy to provide clients with the best tokenization technology, compliance processing and digital financial advisory services to turn their illiquid assets into tradeable digital securities.

JM Consultancy is a pioneer in facilitating digital transformation of traditional business by utilising cryptographic token and blockchain technology. Led by a team of crypto evangelists, guiding businesses through industry regulations in HK and South East Asia, advising both licensed exchanges and entities working closely with drafting respective local crypto regulations; as well as STOs in the region.

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First Bullion partner with leading Fintech law Firm and Blockchain integrator and Advisory to drive STO Adoption and Ecosystem

First Bullion Holdings Inc. (“First Bullion”) a fully Licensed and Regulated financial platform that enables the issuance and management of digital securities using Blockchain based Asset Digitization Technology, is proud to enter into a strategic partnership with Henry Yu and Associates (“HYA”), in association with L&Y Law Office, a leading blockchain and fintech law firm and Creative Union International Limited (“Creative Union”), expert in blockchain technology integration and advisory services.

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First Bullion Partner with Graval Consulting to Provide Liquidity and Funding via Tokenisation and Asset Digitization to Projects/Businesses with solid assets and business model

First Bullion Inc has announced a strategic partnership with , an Asia based management consulting company composed of a group of financial, industry experts and entrepreneurs to incubate venture companies. has impressive track records with over 2,000 valuation and consulting projects and 200+ M&A cases. ’s specialization on MedTech and TMT related projects will open up huge opportunities for early stage investors as well as for the venture companies to plan for future expansion.

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