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We help investors navigate the world of cryptocurrency.

Crypto Markets Overview

The Opportunity

Globally, the combined wealth of high net worth individuals (HNWIs*) is USD 63.5 trillion. However, the market cap of crypto wealth within this same group of individuals is only a small fraction of that at, USD 50 billion. This differential represents a significant market opportunity.

Future investors will be looking for opportunities beyond conventional investment strategies. Together, we can help prepare your financial life for today, tomorrow and generations to come.

Generating Alpha

Inefficiencies + Dislocation = Arbitrage Opportunity

Arbitrage opportunities occur when there are inefficiencies in markets. Since there are hundreds of digital asset exchanges located across the world, market inefficiencies and price dislocation will occur due to geopolitical reasons and more.

This strategy is suitable for high net worth individuals since it requires a larger amount of capital to be profitable. The main reason owing to the ladder trading fee structure of exchanges and withdrawal fees.


Connectivity to 20+ reputable exchanges

First Bullion partners with 20+ exchanges across the globe and operate institutional accounts in all of them. That means more signals for arbitrage opportunities and unparalleled liquidity.

Investors can gain exposure to this emerging opportunity by leveraging our partnership with Liquibit™ a world leader in digital asset trading and investment management.

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