First Bullion join force with JM Consultancy to accelerate Asset Tokenization Market

First Bullion partner with JM Consultancy to provide clients with the best tokenization technology, compliance processing and digital financial advisory services to turn their illiquid assets into tradeable digital securities.

JM Consultancy is a pioneer in facilitating digital transformation of traditional business by utilising cryptographic token and blockchain technology. Led by a team of crypto evangelists, guiding businesses through industry regulations in HK and South East Asia, advising both licensed exchanges and entities working closely with drafting respective local crypto regulations; as well as STOs in the region.

"Quality partners can make a difference in business, and we believe in the enormous potential of First Bullion and Liquefy. By working with someone we can share our vision with, we are looking to go deeper into the regulated space and take our business to the next level." Matthew Cheung, Founder, J.M. Consultancy

First Bullion a new generation of Regulated Crypto Investment Bank that provide primary issuance and secondary trading of digital securities, crypto wealth management and digital banking services using Blockchain-based asset digitization technology is reshaping financial services. The First Bullion platform is the premier market for the secondary trading of tokenized assets. This revolutionary advancement in capital markets allows for quicker and more efficient exits for early-stage investors in private equities and democratizes access to these previously exclusive assets for a wide range of investors.

“We are excited to work with JM Consultancy as we believe there will be a monumental shift to regulated wallets and exchanges. This partnership allows us to put all our focus on token issuance and the tokenized securities market, which we expect will be a billion-dollar business in the coming years. “Philip Tam, CEO First Bullion.

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