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Buying Gold coins, bars and rounds is the most cost-effective, safest and easiest ways to get started in Precious Metals investing.

For thousands of years, Gold bullion has held stable purchasing power during inflationary times and can play an important role in a modern portfolio. Prices and rates generally move independent of stocks and can provide a bright spot in your investment portfolio during an economic downturn.

In partnership with Ultra Gold Limited ™, located in the heart of Hong Kong's financial district. You would have the options to invest in gold bars and coins at near spot price.

Gold Bars

Safe Haven assets for the investors

Gold bars generally match sovereign coins in content and purity but cost less over Gold spot price than Gold coins because they’re usually minted privately.

Each Gold bar is stamped with its exact Gold weight, fineness and a serial number for added security. No matter which form of Gold bar you choose to invest in, you can rest assured knowing you’ll own the most authentic form of currency in the history of the world.

Gold Bullion Coins

Collectable Investments

Gold coins can be a means of passing tangible wealth onto future generations. There is no greater gift you can give than the gift of timeless prosperity. Gold bullion has been a highly traded commodity and its value grows over time. With such a large variety from which to choose, you can find the Gold bullion coin that fits your buying strategy.

Investors of all levels can find value in Gold coins, as well as Gold bars and rounds.

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